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Laser Tag Combat Games “The Ultimate Experience

Mobile Services also available”We bring the action to you!”

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Laser Tag Combat Games . . . “Give me the Intel.”

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Combat Games Packages

Laser tag combat games is the most technologically advanced military simulation games available.
Our club is accepting new teams of 3, 4, 5, persons, all skill levels (novice, intermediate, experienced).
Please sign up and register your team, you will be matched with similar skilled teams. All games will have stats registered and you can compare your teams achievements with others in the area.


Based on experience level, Novice, Intermediate or Expert. It's better and safer than paintball. Certain restrictions apply $25 per person


You will be matched with like skill level players in teams of 3 to 5 players.
All equipment is provided and included in our price.


Looking for a fun day with your friends or gaming club? It offers realism with pure excitement. Get your squad together. $20 per person


Put your own squad together of 3 to 5 players and then we encourage you to have no-holds-barred fun against other squads.


Looking for a stress relieving good time and team building too? Great for Corporate & Event Groups. Call for a Team/Group Quote.


Our team building events are produced with the sole aim of bringing people together and encouraging them to have no-holds-barred fun. Corporate & Event Groups.


Experience tactical laser tag with family and friends, at our location or we'll bring the game to you! Indoors or Outdoors. Call for a quote


Mobile laser tag combat games, bringing the excitement to you. Office, warehouse, lawn, parking lot almost anywhere we can set up our game. It’s safe so no damage to anything. Call now.

New Location and Info

Our new location 12200 34th St N Clearwater, FL 33762 is a one acre arena with man made barriers (no trees). The equipment is second to none, M4 rifles with single shot and 3 round burst, detachable magazine with limited round count ( not Rambo unlimited) wireless technology, no wires connecting rifle to sensors. Two-way radio communication between team members and central command. The missions will challenge you mentally, physically and tactically. We are definitely not an arcade game, must be 12 years or older to play. Some have asked how we differ from paintball and airsoft ( love both by the way). No projectiles, no masks, no body armor, accurate scoring and stats ( probably the reason the military and law enforcement use our system).
We require advanced reservation, must wear closed toe shoes, pants are recommended.


Laser Tag Combat Games allows you to build your own team. Recruit family members, co-worker, neighbors and friends. Build your own team and challenge some of our other teams to a skirmishing take all! Sign up your team today and receive more information.

  • Realistic military laser tag exercises
  • Simulated War Games or Capture the Flag
  • Great for teenage gaming clubs.
  • Great for corporate team skill building events.
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Laser Tag Combat Games “Live the Game, Be the Game”!

This system is currently being used by marines, army and several police departments to train their people.

What are Laser Tag Combat Games?

It is a true tactical laser tag experience,  our system is currently being used to train military and law enforcement worldwide like The Marines and Seal Team 1. The reason is because it’s that realistic, the M4 is a replica with internal electronics to simulate recoil and sound. The magazines have a shot count once it’s empty you must eject and replace with another or your as good as unarmed. The vests are tactical, extra magazine pouches and two way radio and hands free headset.

Advantages over paintball; costs less, since no projectiles, no body armor or masks. With our stress belt the element of a little pain is available with three levels(must be 18+).This is not arcade laser tag, you must be 12+ to play our standard games.

Our equipment is second to none, but what makes this “as real as it gets” is our missions. There are physical, tactical and mental aspects, just like a real combat mission.

Missions and locations are scheduled in advance, there are no walk ups to our missions.  When you sign up you get a free membership card which will track your stats. You can log on to our barracks and check your stats against others in the area, state, country. We carry full insurance, but they require all participants to be signed up and fill out the waiver. As you participate in more missions your ranking should improve and you may find some teammates in our barracks for future missions.

As always the main objective is safe fun.

It’s All About The Experience!

Why Laser Tag Combat Games? Because Laser Tag Combat Games is better than a video game because you “live the the game”. Challenge yourself mentally and physically… Do you have what it takes?

Safe hi-tech infrared gaming laser equipment with authentic red dot scope. Tag your opponents up close or up to 400 ft. away (even in bright daylight). It’s entertainment with exercise, adrenaline pump, team building and FUN!!! Ready…aim….TAG!!!!

Imagine yourself as a member of a special rangers unit. In the wild, forest terrain you advance slowly, taking a moment to reflect what lay ahead of you. In constant communication with your team with your two-way headset, searching through your scope, you spot your mission objective … heart pounding adrenaline rush … You can’t see them, but you feel the eyes on you … the hairs stand up on the back of your neck… “I’m hit, I’m hit”; breaks the silence as a team member takes a hit from the other teams laser rifle. “Live the Game, Be the Game.”

For everyone to play and have fun in a safe environment, while learning outdoor skills, strategy and to bring to you a safe, fun tactical lasertag experience.
12 years or older, must wear closed toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing and a signed release. Options: Military Fatigues, bug spray, Camouflage face paint, long sleeve shirt and pants.